Slow Dancing Society

The cool wind blew all around, howling and wanting to strangle me, trying to eat me whole. The city lights faded into a bokeh, as tears rolled down my eyes, and at that height there was nothing much I could do or think of. In the lone of the night, it was just me and the band Slow Dancing Society, and so enchanted I was with the beauty of their music that I didn’t even realize when the silence of the night dissolved into the glow of the light. This was the first time I listened to this grandeur band, and since then it has stuck on to me like a linchpin.

Slow Dancing Society is a solo Post-Rock/Shoegaze project of Drew Sullivan, a Washington based music producer and musician, with sumptuous reputation for creating music so serene that one feels as if the music is romancing them, and it is truly a band that will stay with you once you’ve let it work its way in. His music, though wordless, tells tales of glory and glimmer, catastrophe and cure, time and turmoil and idyll and isolation. The moment you put on the headphones and hit the play button, his lush, spaced-out, silk like music takes you far away from the mundane hustle-bustle, into the realms unknown. And, it is almost impossible not to fall under the spell of Drew’s past master ethereal music.

After listening to all the four albums of the band, I could feel my soul teeming with Slow Dancing Society’s dulcet music, swathed in invigoration and yearning for more and more. It was a wonderful experience going through this band’s music, and trust me I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon ‘em, and so would you. The band could mean a lot different to you from what it means to me, (or it might not even mean anything to you, and in that case you wasted your precious few minutes reading this article which you could have used for digging up some lame ass commercial music) as I believe that every song of theirs is an indecipherable bundle of emotions left to us to comprehend in any manner we want to. Such is the beauty of Drew’s dreamscapes (you could read it as soundscapes too, but I prefer the former).

Slow Dancing Society is absolute debauchery, dive in, and then you’d know.

Hidden Shoal Records – Slow Dancing Society

-The Guy

2 Responses to “Slow Dancing Society”
  1. Any tracks that you would recommend listening first? :)

    • Yes!
      Some of our favourites by Slow Dancing Society are Glimmer and Gleam, Forever Young, A Song That Will Help You Remember To Forget, …and to the dust we shall return & A Warm Glow.
      Hope you enjoy listening to these. :)

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